The Taste of Silver (tasteofsilver) wrote in showswap,
The Taste of Silver

tour help to the max!!! READ ME!

All hands on deck as they say

It's tough doing it all on your own, and even tougher trying to manage the holidays and book a tour. If anyone can pass the word along or talk to friends in these areas, we'd really appreciate it. Here are the dates we need shows for:

Jan 25 2007 Winter Tour - CT - BOOK THIS ANYWHERE, Connecticut / New York / New Jersey / Pennsylvania
Jan 29 2007 Winter Tour - GA - BOOK THIS Athens / Atlanta, Georgia
Jan 30 2007 Winter Tour - FL - BOOK THIS Gainesville / Tallahasee / Jacksonville, Florida
Jan 31 2007 Winter Tour - AL - BOOK THIS Huntsville / Birmingham, Alabama
Feb 1 2007 Winter Tour - MS - BOOK THIS Jackson, Mississippi
Feb 2 2007 Winter Tour - TN - BOOK THIS Memphis, Tennessee
Feb 5 2007 Winter Tour - MI - BOOK THIS Detroit, Michigan

Our websites are (currently being renovated) and There might also be something up at We can be reached via or via myspace. We're very respectful and friendly people and treat every venue with respect. We play for gas money and a place to crash, and our new album should be out by the time we leave. We've toured the US three times and have three other records out -- two splits and a full length.

thanks bunches
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